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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reflections on Pt 10

Part 10 really emphasized to me how much I need to work on improving the voices of my characters.  As you all have read this, you probably have seen that everyone, from Jarious to Morrow, from Fovreh to Torrain all sound awfully same-y.  That wasn't by design and is something I need to correct.  So, to help with this process, I developed a little cheat sheet.  Here it is:

Jarious:      Eloquent, thoughtful, perceptive.

Arrious:      A bit unsure, eloquent, likes to get into details.  Can be evasive.

Morrow:     Short sentences.  Very direct.

Torrain:      Combative.  Lots of sarcasm.   Curses.

Fovreh:      Long, flowery sentences. Big, descriptive words.

Grawfn:      Defensive and conciliatory. Occasional odd turns of phrase (dwarvish heritage)

So, using the above, I've been going back an editing older chapters, trying to make my characters stand out a bit more on the merits of their speech.  I expect from here on out you might notice a change in how the guys speak.


Thats it. Short reflection this week.