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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evil Wrinkly Elves vs Steam Belching Contraptions

So, how about a preview of the GenCon campaign my buddies and I are going to run/play?

The goal is for us to have a game to play in with all the fun of a campaign/tournament, but significantly more relaxed. The campaign will start small: 15 - 30 point sides on Weds and Thurs and build up to larger games on Friday (50 point games) and then on Saturday, the pinnacle - a 2 vs 3 game approaching 150 points (or so) on each side (2 Skorne and 3 Western Immoren players).

How the heck is Apollo going to get all that the GenCon?

The pic above is the terrain Apollo has put together. No question, this looks great and he deserves some major kudos. It shows some Skorne pagodas and if you look in the background you can see the two sides of the slaver market he built. I believe he is bringing some/all of the materials to GenCon to help spice up our campaign.

The Skorne Invasion will involve linked battles, the ability to apply experience and special abilities that will carry over from one game to another, and an unfolding storyline. The details still need to be finalized (Apollo has been doing almost all the heavy lifting for prepping the Campaign) but it promises to be very cool. Apollo has designed scenarios in the past, and while I havent been able to play in them, I have heard good reports.

I know, at some point, there is going to be a raid on that slaver market of Apollo's. Sweet.

The campaign was devised in order to help give us some structure to the games we will play besides simply dropping 35 points on the table. the campaign as well also gives us an opportunity to play a really big game (that 2v3 game I mentioned above). Apollo has the largest collection of our group, and can field enough Skorne to take on the rest of us at once, so that is exactly what we are going to do. Finally, we are all a bunch of rpg nerds at heart - so playing Warmahordes while also telling/building a story? Yeah, good times.

Apollo and Brad will field Skorne through the weekend (Brad is new to Warmahordes and will have a lot of learning to do). I will bring my Khador. Jason will do wussy Cygnar (I shoot it! I run away!). Andy will do Menoth ("if its not Rezkik, I dont want it!"), and Jacob will bring... Imnotsure. I think he plays Legion, but I've never faced him. We shall see. Jacob aside, its forming up to be Cygnar, Menoth and Khador in an unlikely alliance trying to thwart the Skorne hordes for the good of all Western Immoren. Jacob's Legion may be a wild-card.

This? This is a good place to spill angry elf blood.

The campaign will continue across all four days of GenCon and will give us something specific to do in between our various schedules. I have a couple of roleplaying games lined up with people I have been really looking forward to meeting (Ben Baugh, Shane Ivey, James Knevitt, Jerry Grayson), plans to hit the auction room (lots of good deals), seminars, the dealers room (oh, yeah), and lots of Warmachine in the nooks and crannies. The other guys will join me at some of the rpg events and go off to do their own thing.

We also plan to use our campaign within the rules of Iron Arena - to see if we can get some extra goodies while pretending to beat the crap out of one another. Since Iron Arena is an option, I am really keen on not only playing our campaign, but also getting in as many pickup games as possible. To that end, I have been reaching out to the guys over on Privateer Press's and's forums. I know a bunch of Warmahordes players via their online aliases -- I hope to put some faces to the names over GenCon. If they are cool with it, I'll post our games here on this blog.

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We are exploring ideas for next years campaign - I am advocating a "Return of the Orgoth" theme. I have this idea of using various minis from the Warmahordes lines that have connections to the Orgoth (Warwitches, Doomreavers, etc) and have us all create various lists to field against one another - its still formative, but could be a lot of fun and allow us to play with minis/units that normally never would work together.


And before I sign off tonight - *golf clap* for Apollo. Between the terrain and the scenario development, he's going to get all his beers covered through the week by my group.