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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In Grand Forks and Chicago

Tracie and I stayed in a nice hotel in Grand Forks, the Canad Inn attached to the Alerus Center. As a self-proclaimed hotel snob, I must say that my wife did quite well.

It was so nice being with her, even for two short days. We had a good time, ate greasy food, went shopping, and generally enjoyed being around each other.

Plus, I got the opportunity to sit down and do the needed repairs to my models.

The impromptu workstation.

Scrappy, reporting for duty (leg glued on).

The Old Witch happier (arm glued on and joint repainted -- plus some highlighting). The Butcher looking good (chipped paint redone and highlighted)

6am in the Grand Forks airport. From here, I boarded the plane that went to Minneapolis (sorry about Favre) and then on the Chicago where I met Jason and Brad.

What is this? Its the leftovers over our dinner together where we had a heated discussion about alternate WWII history. Oh yes, Deep Dish is Chicago's wonderful gift to the world. Anyone that says NYC-style cardboard (erm- pizza) is better is an idiot.

Alright - we are an hour out from loading the car and driving the 3 1/2 hours to GenCon. Next post will be from Nerdapalooza '10!

On the Road Between Canada and the U.S.

Some Pics on the road...

Tracie - my baby-momma.

Rest Stop between Winnipeg and Grand Forks

Its good to be back in the Prairies.