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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Models, pt 1

There has been a request for more pics of my army. Here they are. The theme behind the army is that they are the 17th Border unit... a unit composed primarily of prisoners forced to the front. White indicates jailers and guards (like the WidowMakers), yellow indicates prisoners (Like the Doomreavers and Alexia's undead). You'll see some extra chains to add some flair to the prisoners.

Here is a sample:

Warjacks - usually a Destroyer and Decimator. These are magnetized to allow for all 4 options.

What do my opponents see when they look at this pic? ARM 20, thats what they see.

Strakhov and the Puppy.

The GreatBears.



Kell, Widowmakers, Undead, Doomereavers, and the Kayazy Lord (who is my generic proxy).

Doomreavers, Thralls, and Kossites.

Snuggled tight in their little beds.

One more day before I am on the plane. The models are packed - though I am not. Time to get to it.