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Sunday, August 8, 2010

GenCon AAR1 : Wrath Preview

GenCon was an amazing success. I am tired, but safely back in Chicago with Brad and Jason. Hanging out with my gaming buddies was a blast. It was great to see Apollo, Andy and Jacob again. The Westin was a good place to stay, and the food was reasonable. All in all, a great week.

The epic Warmachine campaign got lots of positive attention. Happily, I represented my fellow Khadorians well - playing with Karchev, Vlad and Irusk to victories. Many, many pics to come.

I did a lot of networking and got in some good games with people like Shane Ivery, Jerry Grayson, James Knevitt, and Ben Baugh... good stuff. Ben Baugh is as amazing a GM as you might expect. On Sunday I had a nice (quick) talk with Brennan Taylor (who, I discovered, sold of Indie Press Revolution). I also met Matt Wilson, Jason Soles and Simon Berman of Privateer Press who were all amazingly cool and supportive of our Skorne vs Western Immoren campaign.

With luck I drummed up a couple gigs to do some freelance rpg writing. I think its time to return to the fold.

By urgent request -- here are some pics for the Warmachine supplement previewed Saturday morning (on 3 hours of sleep). The book is due in "spring" of 2011 and will be called Wrath. The new affinity jack models were already for sale (I picked up Torch for Khador). Looks like we are all getting some very large models (yay!). Though the new Khador caster looks like he has a furry hat (boo!). I am holding out that the warwago will be pulled by bears. C'mon, PP, I need me some Khadorian war-bears of some type!

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