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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Army Is Ready To Go!

I am ready to go! What? I have to wait until Saturday? Really? Really?

This is the material a pretend-general needs to take to GenCon to push lead (or a lead substitute) around a table and simulate little elves and steam machines killing one another (with complicated rules). In the back is the padded bag I will carry all this inside. In the fore, you can see dice, wipeable markers, merc cards, a laser pointer, and focus tokens. On the left is a binder with plastic sleeves that hold my army cards. In the middle of the pic is the army, nestled snugly in its foam protection (though I pulled out a couple miniatures to show scale).

Not pictured are a couple paper towels to wipe up the marks that will go on the pastic sheets to track damage, the core Warmachine Book, and some extra foam (in case I buy some new figs).