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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GenCon AAR3: Texas Edition

Lets start with life stuff before gaming today, shall we?

Made it to Dallas yesterday eve. My dad was there to pick me up, and despite some wonkiness with plane changes, the luggage made it. My Sabol bag is starting to rip -- its over 10 years old, and has been used heavily the last few weeks, so I am not surprisecd. I am a little concerned, though. I think I might need to buy a new bag before I go back to Canada. The shoulder strap ripping in an airport is about the worst thing that could happen to the army. Ugh.

I got to play with Kali last night and today. Kail is my dog from Bangladesh -- I should take a pic of her. My dad takes care of her, so I guess she really isnt my dog anymore. Shes great, though.

Tonight is dinner with the rest of my family. Mexican at Abuelos. Sweetness.

So, as I have been reflecting on life in the States I thought I should add the top five things that I miss about the U.S. that I forgot about:

1) Pepperoni. Its nigh impossible to find American-style pepperoni overseas.

2) Convienance store drink selections. 'Cause, really. Its the greatest physical example of decadence. Lurv it.

3) Fast food. McDonalds, Burger Street, Taco Bueno, Burger King. It wins.

4) Television channels. Even basic cable is great stuff. If you think nothing is on with 65 channels, you have no soul.

5) English. Yeah, I usually like the challenge of operating entirely in a foreign language -- but coming home and reverting to English is a nice treat.

Okay, now to gaming. Here are some pics I have left-over from Privateer Press at GenCon. Thought you guys might like to see what the affinity jacks look like built and painted.

Affinity 'jack for Menoth.

Towards the left is Torch, the affinity 'jack for Khador.

Affinity 'jack for Cygnar = Kara sloan's new BFF.

Affinity 'jack for Cryx.

'Nother pic of Cygnar's affinity 'jack.

The Ret's affinity jack. (boo!)

More Menoth affinity 'jack. Two melee weapons looks nasty.

Torch. Chainsaw, AP fist, and a template. I'm happy. Plus, he looks badass.

Ret showcase.

Big Red showcase.

Cryx showcase.

Blue Goose showcase.

Bonus pic of the PP booth at GenCon.