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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blood of the Exile

Here are some pics from the scenario games. The campaign was called "Blood of the Exile" and involved three parts. Apollo put together the scenarios and we are hoping to forward them to Privateer Press so that we can share them with the rest of the Warmahordes community.

Until then; here are some more pics from the campaign.

I'll post more pics from the con later this week.

GenCon AAR2: Chicago Edition

A quick panorama of one of our monster Warmachine games.

GenCon was a blast this year. My frinds and I started Nerdapalooza on Weds night and gamed through until Sunday. We had two rooms in the Westin, one of which was a suite, which made sure the number of people sleeping on the floor was kept to a bare minimum. Besides meeting the cool people I mentioned in the previous post, we got some great games in...

Heres a quick pic of the guys I call friends:

The Nerdapoalooza Posse: Apollo up front, Jacob tripping over him, Andy on the left with the sword, Jason is hiding behind Andy, Brad is the guy in back with the helmet, and I am the one in red on the right. Great bunch of guys, even if I do say so myself.

Jason, on the ride to glorious Indy.

On the gaming hit parade were:

The Aeon Mall game. You can see designer extraordinaire Ben Baugh in the back.

Aeon Mall (new Wild Talents setting of suiperheroics meets Paul Blart Mall Cop by Ben Baugh)

Go Go Monster Force Zeta!

Monsters and Other Childish Things (kids and their imaginary monsters save the world!)

The estimable Jerry Grayson giving us a turn at Hellas.

Hellas (epic Greek storytelling using science fiction trappings -- think Greek Legend meets Star Wars)

Brad and Andy playing one of our epic late-night scenarios. This was Brad's first go at Warmachine and he handled it like a pro.

The Great Vinter Escape! (a series of lined Warmachine/Hordes scenarios played over three nights). One cool things is that because of this blog, many of the Privateer Press people and Warmahordes gamers already knew who we were. "Oh! You are that guy from Africa!" or "Yeah, I saw the blog, that terrain looks amazing."

I usually try to limit my gaming and commitments during GenCon simply because having to run around means I miss other opportunities. This process has served me well. it let me concentrate on a few games, while still getting ample time in the dealers room, auction room, and eating.

The Krewe at our now-annual Sunday Breakfast to hand out awards and recount the Con. Apollo took the Master of ALL(!) coin because of his extra effort to make our Warmachine games great - he tutored Brad through the process, made all that fabu terrain, and generally kept things moving. When (not if) he becomes a Press Ganger, you will be well-served to play in one of his games. Jacob got the Loser McLosey Lose coin for not having a completely painted army (boo!).

Which brings me to my top five things to do to ensure a good GenCon:

1) Take a multi-vitamin every day.
Why? Because you are not going to get enough sleep and will eat like crap. A multi vitamin helps keep your body going and fight off the many sicknesses that other Con goers are carrying.

2) Wash your hands -- a lot.
Why? Again, its a hygiene/health thing. Gamers are not known to be particularly fastidious about their hygiene, so its up to you to protect yourself. Plus, getting sick during GenCon is a time-tested tradition for some gamers, dont be that guy.

3) No more than two scheduled events during working hours.
Why? You will never make more than two events and still have fun. Rather than run around and try to force in a bunch of events, slow down a bit, enjoy the con. Its worth it. Extra games late at night or maybe a seminar or two wont break you, but just schedule in time not committed to specific events.

4) Get a hotel near the convention center.
Why? Its so much happier to be able to go to the hotel and drop things off or pick things up right away.

5) Go with a friend.
Why? Like watching crappy Ed Wood movies, GenCon is best experienced with people you like.


As this blog is about things other then GenCon (say it aint so!) I should talk a little about my time in Chicago. First off, Chicago is a great city - especially during the summer. Lots to do and see. Great food. Nice mixture of humanity to watch and marvel at. Chicago is horrible during winter, but this is summer, so I could enjoy all that it has to offer.

Bonus Dinosaur Pics for those of you that made it this far. If you know me at all, you know I love dinosaurs (still). On the Monday after the Con, Jason, his wife Katherine, and I went to the Field Museum in downtown Chicago. Here are some of the results:

Before and after.

Paleontology as art.


Chicago, on the steps of the Field Museum - it was a beautiful day.

Its more fun to push revolving doors with your face, as this young gentleman shows us.

Me, with the iconic ceratopsian.

I fly out from O'Hare later today. That means, by this evening I will be in Dallas with my family. I cant wait to see them. Burger Street, Abuelos, Taco Bueno, Krispy Kreme, and Sonic? Oh, gods, yes!