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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Precipice Posting Schedule

Sundays are the day I normally post a new proto-chapter for comments and criticism.

Thursdays I usually post my reflections on the previous post.

Irregularly I post some art or extraneous thoughts about the development of the Ecumene World.

Reflections on Pt 7

I am going to break my posting schedule.  Apologies.  I haven't written much this week - I was out of town for most of it in a hotel you have to pay for internet in your room.  I could charge that to the government, but it seemed like a waste.  So, no laptop and no internet through much of the week - which meant some sketching and event diagramming on paper -- but no writing.

That said, I need to talk about Part Seven before I go on.  So, bottom like up front -- I will post another chapter later this week.

Droppin' Wisdom
Okay, Part 7.  I consider this a bit of a watershed moment for Precipice,  I have been waiting and waiting to get to post this chapter.  There is a lot of me in that chapter.  Frankly, I have seen a lot of death in my life.  Not the type of violent death too many soldiers or servicemen must see - but the "run of the mill" death of a loved one.  I tried to put a lot of those emotions and thoughts into Karsh's death.

Now, truth be told, there is another half to that chapter in my noted -- about 1k extra words that go into the ritual that kills Karsh.  It was a great section, with lots of background intertwined with the ritual itself.  It needs some editing (probably more than usual) - but its there.

This blog will likely never see those words posted.
Why?  Because in an effort to keep away from a wall of text I found a convenient part of Part 7 and cut it off there.  I figured I would post the second half of Part 7 this week.

The problem?  Now that I look at it, I think Part 7 works a lot better without the details the second part would have included.  The moment where Jarious puts the kill-dagger into Arrious' hands?  Yeah, that works as a great ending.  It tells the reader almost everything they need to know.  Its a powerful moment for everyone involved, and if the chapter continued I think it takes away from the gravity of that moment.

So, no.  No second part.

The tricky thing for me is the world-building I wove into that part.  I don't want to discard it outright (its some hints about the Gods -- finally).  So, I am starting to (re)work the important sections from the part of the chapter I didn't post into other chapters.  I am also thinking about trying to do a flashback later -- thats a pretty advanced technique and difficult to pull off correctly -- which is exactly why I am doing this.

So, stay tuned.

And again, for those of you sending me feedback -- thanks so much.