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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reflections on Pts 1 - 6


Okay, a couple interesting things have been happening with Precipice.  One, Part Six's readership exploded (well, for varying values of "exploded").  A proto-chapter usually gets about 10 discreet viewers over the week it is posted -- with a much higher number of viewers who look at the blog's entry portal (who aren't always captured in the discreet value).  For Part Six, that number started high (within the first few hours it shot up to six discreet viewers - which is good for this little blog) and kept going up.  We are now past 20 viewers for Part Six, and overall viewership of the blog rocketed past 75 for yesterday alone.  Thats a LOT of viewers for my dark corner of the Internet.

Thing is... I don't know why it went up so dramatically.  I like what I saw, but don't know the causality.  Looking at the number of views per hour, there was one visitor that made 30 views of the blog (likely checking in on various posts), but that accounts for less than 50% of the viewership yesterday.  Better yet, it looks like a lot of those viewers came from Google searches.  So, maybe something in Part Six got picked up by Google's search process and dumped people here?  Perhaps.  Whatever the reason, it certainly felt good seeing the viewership go up like that.

[[If you are one of those lost souls that got dumped here by Google, Welcome!]]

I've been holding off broadcasting my work (on Facebook and forums I frequent) until after Part Eight -- which is an arbitrary number I have in my head as a good benchmark for new readers to be introduced to the story.  Eight parts means there is a good backlog of fiction to work through, but not so much it is intimidating.

If you are reading Precipice, and you are enjoying it, please encourage a friend to start reading.  I am posting my work here so I can keep getting feedback.  The more readers/feedback I get, the more I am energized to push out wordcount.

Feedback - Good or Bad

On feedback, things are pretty good, but I need more.  I have a couple of regular readers who are letting me know if they like like the way things are going.  This is great.  If this includes you, please know that you have my gratitude.  Even the couple of notes I have received which have been very critical are invaluable for me when I got back and revise my work.  Knowing people hate something is actually more useful at this point than if they like something.  Like it or hate it, please let me know.


...and building on the feedback note, I should underscore that the master document I am working on is increasingly different than what you have read so far.  Thats a good thing.  Feedback on Part One and Three has been particularly useful and forced me to re-evaluate a number of my writing tendencies.  This is a list of things I have done or need to do:

- Improved the distinctiveness of the speech patterns of the characters.  So, when Jarious or Torrain or whoever speaks, it is easier to identify who they are.

- Added a bit more color description, especially focusing on non-visual cues.  Sound and smell is what I have really been working on.

- Beefed up some of Tangean's thoughts in relation to her family.

- Improved some of the physical descriptions of the characters.

- I am looking to revisit the opening torture scene to make it more tense.

- I am also exploring my presentation of time -- I have now had two people tell me that the time jumps between chapters is difficult to keep up with.

As you read on and new proto-chapters are posted, hopefully you will see a bit of refinement of my writing.  The above points have all been inserted into the master document as well as influenced all future posts.