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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reflections on Pt 4

One of my favorite authors is Steven Brust.  If you aren't familiar with his Dragera novels (the Khaaveren Romances and the Taltos cycle) you really should be.  Brust is one of the models I seek to emulate.  The man constantly is pushing his craft, adopting new and difficult prose and framing techniques.  Its fascinating to be part of as a reader.  His stuff doesn't always hit the mark, but even the stuff that doesnt quite work still is really, really good.  That means that when he is on, the man is ON.

One thing that Brust always does well is dialogue.  His stuff reads the same way Tarantino directs.  It flows.  Its lovely.

I want to do that.

So, Part 4 of my proto-chapters was all about pushing myself to work on dialogue.  I'll be the first to say I don't think it quite works.  I read and re-read it a number of times and its about 80% there, but that last 20% is really elusive.

Well, either way, this proto-chapter was also about highlight Arrious, who has been in the background until now.  He is going to play a pivotal role in a couple upcoming chapters and I needed to introduce you all to him.  He's a good guy, a bit naive, but he does things for the right reasons... which is pretty much a juxtaposition to all the other wolflings.