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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jarious Final - In Glorious Color!

Our fearless hero...

Credit to Eric Quigley.  As you can see, he did a lot of modifications and tightening up of the piece.  The background is glorious and adds alot of movement to an otherwise (intentionally) static pic.  The adition of the short sword was done by Eric before I could ask him to do so -- that short sword will have a bit of a role to play in the story (or, at least, serve as a hook to do some more discussion on the background/setting).

His primary sword is based on a Chinese Nine-ring sword.  Nine-ring swords are usually ceremonial, but not here.  When Jarious unfastens "Eartaker" he means business.  It is a loud weapon, it brings attention -- not normally stuff for sneaking around and backstabbing -- not that Jarious doesnt do that, he just uses more suitable weapons to do so. Earbiter is for fighting.  Knock-down, drag-out, overpower-your-foe fighting.

I really, really love this pic.

Or is that "illo?"

Next up is some thoughts on Pt 5, I think.