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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reflections on Pt 3

This proto-chapter was all about establishing the characters - what they look like, how they interact, their mannerisms... who they are.  I really wanted to establish Jarious as the leader, not just because of the label, but in how he interacts with the wolflings.  This chapter was the beginning of that process that likely wont end until the final words are but to e-paper.

I'm worried that I haven't really established agency for the characters yet.  I'm worried I am shifting tense and not catching it.  I am worried that my characters aren't very likable.

That's a lot to be worried about.

I spent more time on Morrow than I expected, and I think it will serve me well later.  Morrow is the strong, silent type.  His words mean something (juxtapose that with Torrain as we get to know him).  So, letting the reader meet Morrow this early and understand his role in the group is key... because there are going to be other chapters where he is just silently there.

Torrain and Fovreh got some spotlight time last chapter so I decided to give Grawfn and, to a lesser extent, Arrious some of their own face time.  Since these are proto-chapters (yes, thats what I am calling them now) I end up going back to previous entries and doing a lot of editing and adding.  So, what you, dear reader, see here is almost certainly not the final version.  This is a living document and I go back to past chapters to do some tinkering (a lot).  If nothing else, I still need a good editor to catch my editing mistakes.  So, yeah, not final versions.

Which is a long-winded way to finally tell you that Pt 2 has already had a lot of additions - based on stuff I wrote in Pt 3 and then said, "hey, I really need to go back and link these two events," or "since I did that here, I should do it there as well..."  Notably, Torrain and Fovreh got a bit more attention in the master copy - including some additional physical description.

You want that physical description?  You want to know what those guys look like?

Oh, dear inquisitive reader, you are in for such a treat in the next post.