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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Reflections on Part 15: Zombies! Procastination! Whoppers! Grilling Out!

Okay, I admit it... I took the week off from writing to catch up on s.4 of the Walking Dead.  I did slip in some light editing and took a lot of notes about Part 2, but in reality I think I wanted to give myself some time off before diving back in.

As a friend pointed out, my strongest chapters are the set pieces I have rolled around in my head for some time.  The Karsh scene is a prime example.  That has been a scene in my head for a coupel years now.  In general, I have a very clear vision for a number of events in the story and when I have that vision the scene translates into crisp writing and compelling images.  I am coming up to a series of major events and thought I would take the time to roll them around and approach them from a couple different angles so that I can make sure they are as strong as possible.  Plus, the scenes necessary to get to those momentus events are not as well defined in my mind, so I need to take the time to detail the lead-up as much as the execution.

... and that is the push/pull for me.  I want to keep forganing ahead as quickly as possible.  I want to put words on the page now.  But my best stuff?  It comes from marinating.  Think of it as fast food vs a nice grilled steak.  One is immediate, the other takes time.  I think those of us who are carnivores will always default to a well cooked and lovingly-prepared steak over fast food every time -- but fast food does offer its own distinct benefits (and I like fast food... a lot).

There is also the maxim in writing communities that you should be writing... all the time.  If you arent writing, you arent a writer and are a lesser person for it.  That gets to me.  I want to be a writer.  I want to be considered a writer... and I want to pick up the little tricks to make me a better writer such as writing at least 500 words every day.  But I am discovering that holding to that schedule isnt doing my work any favors.  So, instead of personal deadlines of 500 words a day, I am slowly shifting to a chapter a week.  I like that pace a lot better and think it plays to my strengths.

So, yeah, theres that.

And s.4 of the Walking Dead is as good as it is gut wrenching.  Watch it.

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