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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Consular Security Corps - Diplomats Doing Naughty Things (Content)

Saturn does things differently.  Its kinda their thing.  

As discussed before, its hyper-progressive insomuch as it is a libertarian’s and industrialist’s wet dream.  In that crucible of low regulation, environmental pressures, and an intrepid sense of exploration a lot of the Solar System’s significant (and dangerous) technological jumps occur.  Saturn government is similarly odd, only performing the most basic of functions and often operating completely aloof from the rest of the planet’s many settlements and stations.  The times the Saturnine government does become involved in internal affairs, the issue has gone long past simple dispute resolution and likely has major implications for the other settlements.  Likewise, the Saturnine government doesn’t often get involved in the affairs of the other planets, and when it does, it is often for reasons either blatantly obvious (like a system-wide threat that everyone agrees must be dealt with) or oddly inscrutable (like a obscure Martian-Earth patent disputes). 

Saturn thinks outside of the box, including in the makeup of their military and diplomatic corps.  In this case, the two are combined into one service – the Consular Security Corps (CSC).  The Consular Corps is the smallest of the military services, focused on defense of Saturnine installations, regional resource interests, and its diplomatic presence throughout the System.  At the top of the hierarchy is the Senior Ministers of the Diplomatic wing of the CSC – they make the policy decisions for the entire CSC, including the military wing.  By both tradition and legal stipulations, Saturn will not allow a uniformed servicemember to outrank a civilian in the same responsibility chain.  What this actually means is that many of the most bright and ambitious service members often retire mid-way through their careers and take on prestigious and well-paying civil service jobs with the intention of making their way to the highest ranks of the CSC or any other Saturnine government job. 

The makeup of the security wing (which includes the Saturnine Federal Police as well as armed forces) focuses almost exclusively on the space forces, with a small but well-equipped branch of Marines who serve as the standing security for static Saturn facilities, dry army (when needed), and, of course, assault force.  Though it has not always been so, the diplomatic wing currently works closely with the security wing lending a unity of purpose to much of Saturn’s foreign policy. 

Saturn's intelligence service also has significant assets working withing the CSC - making the Coprs a one-stop shop for forming foreign policy and the tools to execute that policy.  

While the Vienna Convention (as revised) still dictates the norms of diplomatic niceties and privlidges, and things like armed diplomats is still a very big “no-no” – that doesn’t mean Saturn cant arm the support apparatus for their diplomats to the teeth.  Other officials and diplomats from the other planets have noted their discomfort working with Saturn’s diplomats – not only because many of Saturn’s diplomatic corps have undergone radical surgeries and cyber/bionic upgrades, but also because the diplomats are often backed up (usually literally) by a detachment of Marines. 

Scary, mutherfukin’ diplomats. 

Okay, yeah, it’s a bit of a Mary Sue if you know my profession – but I indulgently think it’s a cool idea for a different type of military.